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The Best Things

CakeI love my birthday. And even on a more “low key” year (2 or 3 small celebratory events) I still rejoice in it.

Highlights from this year’s event include:

  • The most fabulous dark chocolate cake dessert courtesy of Fore St and David Lacy.
  • Cheese plate.
  • Hiking a modest mountain in my 6th month of pregnancy.*
  • Beautiful flowers from friends.
  • Warm windy beach days.

Ah, the sigh of contentment. In honor of my birthday I’m running a giveaway right now on goodreads where you could win one of 3 signed copies of my book. Because it’s really fun to give presents too. Which brings me to another “best thing”. On goodreads it’s possible to see how many people are currently “reading” your book in their status update. I can’t even tell you how this makes me feel. I don’t even know these people -mostly. And somewhere out there they have picked up my book and are reading it. THAT is the most incredible gift. It’s like I’ve sneaked into their house and I’m telling them one of my favorite stories. It is a treat and a privilege; one that I don’t take for granted.

*Apologies if this is how you are finding out we’re having a second kid 🙂 I’m not much for blasting these things on social media…so SURPRISE!!!