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Official Bio: Sashi is a middle school English and science teacher who lives in Cumberland, Maine with her family. She is also an amateur trash picker.

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me and flowers

About Me (Facts in relative chronological order.)

  • I am a first child.
  • I named myself.
  • I grew up in Newton Massachusetts.
  • In middle school I was jealous of girls with bigger hair than mine.
  • My favorite classes in high school were English, Spanish and science. In college I studied, among other things, the deciphering of ancient Mayan hieroglyphics.  I also played rugby, but really am not so tough as that fact may seem to imply.
  • I love Maine.
  • I asked my husband to marry me by sending him on a day-long scavenger hunt.
  • Sometimes I ask my students to act out the parts of a cell, or talk about Uranus and digestion on the same day.
  • One of my daughter’s best accomplishments is learning to talk like a pirate at age 3.
  • I believe ice cream is a vitamin.

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on twitter: @sashikaufman

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Lauren MacLeod lauren@strothmanagency.com

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About Ideas In Things: the title of my blog comes from a William Carlos Williams quote that my fabulous fast-talking creative writing professor Justin Tussing used in class one day.