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Exciting news!

An essay I wrote was accepted for publication by Brain Child magazine! The piece is actually a short script; a parody of a desperate mother holding four renowned sleep doctors hostage until they tell her how to get her baby to sleep.  I suppose it would fall into the sub-genre of autobiographical fantasy.  For more detail, you’ll have to wait until the Spring 2011 issue of Brain Child!

Sneaky Motherhood

Rabbit rabbit?

Back in the day someone told me that if your first words on the morning of the new year were “rabbit rabbit” it would bring you good luck.  I’ve heard variations like “white rabbit” work too.  As a kid I always tried to start my new year this way.

For a while “rabbit rabbit” was eclipsed by “Ugh my head hurts”.

This year’s first words for a prosperous new year were “Rock, paper, scissors for who gets up with the baby?”

Happy New Year friends!

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More shifts in perspective

When I started writing this blog I didn’t have a baby.  When Eliana came along I still didn’t want to blog about motherhood.  There are enough Mommy blogs out there (aspiring writer blogs; there’s a real shortage there).

But regardless, being a mother colors and shades every part of my life, so occasionally it will sneak its way into a post. Most recently, I’ve noticed that being a mother has changed the way I read.  When a parent and child were separated in a book I was reading, I always identified with the child.  I felt their fear, but also their resilience and the tinge of excitement that comes with being on your own.  Now I might read the same passage and feel nothing but terror for the child set adrift in the world without the parent.  I feel the pain of separation much more viscerally than I ever did before.

The circumstances are the same.  I think I feel it differently because a child doesn’t assume they can control the world.  A child is more content to adapt and move with the current than swim against it.   I should know better than to expect to control the forces of nature that will affect my daughter or myself.  I would like to read that way and I would like to live that way as best I can.