I’m off for a long weekend of camping.  I think it will be good to get away from all technology for a few days.  Last week I took an amazing class at USM with Alice Barr.  It was all about how to incorporate web 2.0 tools and skills into your classroom.  I learned a ton, but also developed serious butt calluses from sitting in front of a screen for eight hours a day.  I’m ready to commune with mutha nature.

We’re heading north to the Cobscook Bay State Park which is a beautiful and under-visited campground near the Canadian border.  There are a ton of great hiking trails in the area.


September in July

This is not a reference to the recent spate of rainy weather, but rather to the horrible dream I had last night.  I’m not normally a dream sharer but this kind of neuroses usually doesn’t strike me until late August or early September.  In the dream every single difficult student I’ve had in the last 5 years was in my class.  I was teaching math (not a strong point).  It was the first day of school, the power was out, I had neglected to give my homeroom kids their schedules and I was wearing my pajamas…tops only.