Whining, Writing

Stages of revision grief

Reactions to thoughtful and genuine feedback provided by respected source:

Hour 1: Those are stupid ideas and they could never work!  This person clearly does not get my writing! (pout pout)

Hour 2: Ok, maybe not all those ideas are stupid but they could still never work.

Hour 3: There are some good ideas here and they might even work, but it will be way too hard and take way too much time to write.

Hour 4: Harumph.  These are good ideas and I can probably use them to improve my book.  Now I just have to figure out how…oh and also actually do it.  Phooey.

I’ve actually been through all these phases recently and have arrived at a place where I have a pretty good idea of how to use the quite incredible and helpful feedback I oh so grudgingly received (even though, of course, I asked for it).