Revision; Am I Normal?

For about 9 months now I’ve been in this strange limbo world of having an agent but still being in the process of revising.  I’ve received great feedback from my agent and I’ve struggled to balance the desire to be done, with the desire to make the book as good as it can be.

All along I’ve wondered, am I normal?  Does this usually happen to writers?  Part of me certainly thought once I’d landed an agent I was set.  Alas, not so.  Today I read a great post at kidlit.com about the agent/author revision process.  I especially liked this quote:

“These really do take as long as they take, and each project is different. I’ve seen them take a weekend, I’ve seen them take months. For me, I want them done in a timely manner but quality is much more important. My big pet peeve is seeing a revision that’s been expedited but is incomplete. Revision is a complicated process… you think, you stew, you gnash your teeth, you get ideas, you work and rework… it can’t be rushed.”

I wish I had seen this post 6 months ago.  I would have felt a lot more normal


2 thoughts on “Revision; Am I Normal?”

  1. Heh, being as how I’m not agented yet, I’ve no idea–but from what I’ve read on the blogosphere, it *can* take awhile. Good luck on your revisions!

    1. Thanks Beth,
      Hopefully this isn’t just a rationalization for procrastinating (aka blogging or other activities) on revision!

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