Whining, Writing

Reasons to Write

I have a lot of reasons NOT to write this week:

It’s parent-teacher conference week at school.

My computer is not working again.

My husband is just back from a week-long hunting trip.

I’m tired, gosh darnit!

So I’m particularly proud of myself for the 40 minutes of writing time I carved out for myself this afternoon.  I read a lot of posts about writers and how they do or don’t find time to write.  For a while I felt like my lack of a proper desk was what was really keeping my from writing.

This is my baby.  It’s solid wood and I found it on craigslist.  Even though I love it, (surprise surprise), the motivation to write still has to come from me.  (What the desk doesn’t write the book for you?  For shame!)

Whether I manage to find writing time or not, I try not to beat myself up to much about the choices I make with my time.  Unless of course I get sucked into some sort of Bravo tv marathon.