Distracted Teacher Strikes Again

In my meager defense, this conversation took place during a study hall while I was probably answering email, grading papers, and planning lessons simultaneously.  

Sweet male student age 13: (shyly) Uh, Ms. Kaufman what do you want for Christmas?

Me: (grouchily) I’m Jewish! 

Student: Ok, for Hanukah then? (Ok, at this point it should be clear the student is asking because he wants to get me a gift.  But I’m so distracted, I think he’s just making holiday conversation)

Me: Oh, I don’t know I told my in-laws maybe a massage or something.

Student: Uh… you like coffee?

Me: No, I don’t do caffeine.

Student: Oh

Several minutes later I figured out why he was asking and turned beet red and managed to stammer out that I liked tea and books and homemade cards best of all.  Clueless, fabulously clueless.


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