Reflections on 2009…better late than never.

2009 was an incredible year of writing for me.  Even though it makes me feel a little weird and self-conscious, I think it’s important to reflect on what I accomplished before 2010 really gets rolling.

I finished a first draft of my first YA novel

I queried and successfully acquired a literary agent

I revised my YA novel, not once, not twice, but really and truly about five times.  It needed it.  And in the process I was reminded of what a sucker I am for my own first drafts….always have been

I helped start and became part of a group of YA writers who live in Maine

I read a lot of great books and blogs; some writing related, some not

I started my second YA novel and have written about a third of the first draft

Finally, I’ve learned a lot about myself as a writer, about the publishing business and most importantly the patience required for all aspects of a fulfilling writing life.