Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

Yesterday for Mother’s Day I asked my husband for some writing time.  I’ve certainly had blocks of time before this when I could have sat down at the computer, but I’ve just been too dang tired.

By asking him specifically for a couple hours I knew I was committing to really getting back to my w.i.p.  In fact he looked at me sternly as I walked toward my desk and said, “No email!”

And I did it!  I reread and revised the chapters I was working on before E was born and even started on a new chapter.   And guess what?  Writing is still the same frustrating, exciting, revelatory, hair-tearing process it was before I had a baby.  And I’m glad I’m back.

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

  1. Congratulations, both on writing, and on the occasion of your first Mother’s Day as a mom! I am very happy for you and E!

    I hope we can get the Maine kidlit writers together again sometime this summer to catch up!

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