Reading, Writing

Secret indulgences

Ok, I know it’s not as exciting as the blog post title makes it out to be.  But I have a secret passion for Oprah Magazine.  Not every issue, some of them are too weight loss and beauty tip focused for me.  But this month’s issue has some fun and accessible articles about poetry and journal-writing.  It’s easy reading, and substantive as well.

One article asks famous people about their favorite poems or words of inspiration.   As someone who keeps a bulletin board next to my desk with different quotes and poems I find inspiring, it’s always interesting to me to see where other people find inspiration.  It’s also a different way to be introduced to new poets -although the assortment of people quoted runs the gamut from Demi Moore to Diane Sawyer to Mike Tyson.  Yikes!

And there’s a whole article on one of my favorite poets Mary Oliver.  So that’s my reading tip for the day.