Spell-check Hall of Fame

Spelling can be one of the dreariest parts of teaching, and for some kids, one of the most dreaded parts of learning.  It just seems to be something that you do well, or you don’t.  Using spell check correctly is also a skill, believe it or not, and does not replace a fundamental sense of how to  spell words correctly.  Take as evidence; two of my most recent “spell-check gone wrong” moments.

“The scientists were worried that the clones they created might go rouge and destroy the rest of humanity.” -No one likes a clone gone rouge.

“The doctor was unsure of the patient’s dingoes.”    I would be too.  Where were the dingoes?  Chewing at his leg? Were they rabid? -Still not sure what the student intended?  This one took me a while too.  Diagnosis, not dingoes.

love it.