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Writing snacks

Saw this great graphic in the NY Times book review this weekend detailing the favorite writing snacks of a random assortment of famous writers.  Including:

Walt Whitman: meat and oysters.

Emily Dickinson: Home baked bread.

John Steinbeck: Cold toast and stale coffee.  On purpose?

My favorite writing snack is a little bowl of cheezits and peanuts.  Sometimes it gets a little greasy but it always hits the spot.  When I was little my favorite reading snack was a box of wheat thins.  It seems like a natural evolution.

Your favorite writing, or other work, snack?


1 thought on “Writing snacks”

  1. i definitely have favorites – though the favorites seem to come and go with a few standbys always satisfying the need to snack when writing.

    recent favorites: animal crackers — those ones you can buy in bulk (i think this is a result of hanging out with eliana for a few days) & pita chips (slightly obsessed)

    old standbys: popcorn (the kind you make in a pot), cheezits, wheat thins, & gummy bears

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