Back to School

When I rule the world Halloween candy will not appear in the supermarket in August, just as Back To School ads will not appear on television in July.  Until then, we’ll all have to suffer.  It’s also around this time of year that the media feels the need to inundate us with stories about the latest studies showing that there are absolutely no correlations between anything about teachers and anything about test scores.   The latest one I heard about was that the amount of education a teacher has (masters, phd, etc) does not correlate with student test scores.  When will the world wake up and realize that good teaching is not and never will be quantifiable?

Good teaching is much more like a recipe than an equation.  It’s like the recipes my Great Aunt Bert used to “share” when she would leave out key ingredients, or change quantities so that you could never make yours as good as the original.

A recipe for a good teacher includes:

A lot of love mixed with structure and boundaries.

Limitless energy and enthusiasm.

A true passion for learning as well as imparting new information.

Patience and more patience.

A sense of humor whisked in every step of the way.

And a dash of charisma.

(Content knowledge and advanced degrees are optional and can be added at any time.)

Correlate that with your damn test scores!


2 thoughts on “Back to School”

  1. i want to send this post to your alter ego – i.e. the writing teacher in the program. if possible, reading it made me even more inspired by you.

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