Word Fool

It’s been a little while since I posted and happily that’s because…I’ve been writing.  A lot! I joined up with some writer friends to participate in a writing goal challenge (called wordfool) orchestrated by the fabulous Bria Quinlan.  The challenge was to pick a writing goal and try to meet it 6/7 days a week for 3 weeks. There were points, and incentives and a lot of silliness on twitter. But the most important part was that there was community.

If you’ve ever set any kind of goal for yourself (writing, exercise, flossing) you know that it’s always better to do it with someone. It’s called accountability.  And oddly enough one of my challenge buddies posted recently about it here.  But more than just accountability, it’s nice to have the community.  You know that someone cares if you put off watching tv, or bathing your kid so you could get your 500 words in.

My goal was small. I committed to a page a day, knowing that I had parent-teacher conferences and both my husband and daughter’s birthdays in a small period of time.  And I didn’t make my goal every day.  But I did pretty well. 6/7 the first week, 5/7 the other two weeks.  But most importantly I got through a confusing section in my current wip which had me stuck for quite a while.  And I think I did it because of goal-setting and good old fashioned Butt In Chair -see my post on potty training.

What goals have you set or accomplished lately?