Do you like what you’re writing?

My husband meant it conversationally. He had no idea what a huge loaded writing question it was. It’s really hard to like something while you’re drafting. It’s much easier to convince yourself (at least for me) that it sucks and will always suck.

My Dad gave me this writing mantra which I try and remind myself of frequently; “I will not hate what I write.” I use it to remind myself that you can’t and shouldn’t judge what you’re writing -particularly not when writing a first draft. Other phases of the process do call for judgment and editing, but not first drafts.

Also, any kind of positive answer to the question feels like I might be jinxing myself. Like if I say yes, than I’ll never write another decent word. So when I say yes, I say it in the tiniest most secretly brave piglet of ways.

So what do I like about what I’m writing right now? I like certain characters. I like moments, I like certain scenes. In particular this one scene I wrote recently where a teenage girl falls on the boy she likes, knocking the wind out of him just when he’s about to kiss her for the first time.

What do you like about what you’re writing? (Answer if you dare!)


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