What’s In a Name; Book Status Update

My book has a new and permanent title!!!! It was quite a process and I’m happy to report I had a lot of input in what was a truly collaborative process with my editor, the amazing Andrew Karre, and my agent the fan-tabulous Lauren MacLeod.

Without further ado the new title is…..The Other Way Around…coming to a bookstore near you next Spring!  This title is evocative of the journey Andrew, my main character takes, both physically and emotionally. Andrew embarks on a literal journey; jumping in with a group of itinerant dumpster diving anarchist street performers. But his emotional journey is about learning to appreciate what’s good in his life instead of lamenting about what he’s missing, learning to be an actor in his own life instead of an observer and a passive participator.

Even more exciting, I’ve had a chance to give ideas and feedback on potential cover ideas! I’m not at liberty to share yet but I can tell you this; there might be a trapeze on the cover, or a frayed rope, a kid in the rear view mirror, or a starry night and an open road. Once again I feel really lucky and grateful to be working with the incredible collaborative and creative team at Carolrhoda Lab and Lerner Books.  I can’t wait to share more!


3 thoughts on “What’s In a Name; Book Status Update”

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