Random musings

Be my frog and toad

True fans of this blog will note of course that this is my second Frog and Toad related post. But it’s hard not to think more about something when you’re listening to it almost constantly. (Days until Frog and Toad audio book goes back to the library – 2) All kvetching aside, I really do love Arnold Lobel’s stories of life and friendship that are the Frog and Toad books.

Husband and I like to joke that I am Toad (slightly anxious and pessimistic at times) and he is Frog (clear-headed and calm). But the truth is not so simple.  The truth of who is Frog and who is Toad is dependent on relationship and sometimes on the given moment. Sometimes I am the calming clear-headed Frog, and other times I am the wound up disaster-fearing Toad. In some friendships I am more one than the other. Ideally, we can all be both and need both in our lives.

So if you’re upset because the day holds more than you can handle, or your best friend just wants to be alone, or has made more cookies than either of you could possibly eat -remember you could be having a Frog and Toad moment!