Book Signing!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with approximately 6,000 other English teachers. I was attending NCTE or the National Council of Teachers of English conference which was in Boston this year. I had a grand old time! More conference details in a later post.

By far the highlight of my weekend was the author signing I got to do with my publisher Lerner Books. Lerner gave away 100 copies of my book and I got to sign them all and chat with all the really cool teachers who took time out of their conference to wait in line.

As if that wasn’t enough I got to share the stage with one of my favorite YA writers who was signing copies of a Lerner anthology called Losing It -which features short stories about, yup, you guessed it; losing your virginity.  I always hope an author who’s writing I admire will also be a cool human and in Amy’s case my hopes and dreams were wildly exceeded.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story:

Here I am, very excited about the shiny poster with my head on it. I always try and control my emotion in photos.


Photo bomb
Yup, that’s Amy -photo bombing my author shot. I told you she was cool.
Here we are giggling and signing books like a couple -a school girls. Shucks. Seriously though a few tips. When you sign books next to a famous author -don’t sign their name in your books. Also, not a great time to try and bust out your high school Spanish to impress the teacher from Los Angeles. I’m fairly sure what I wrote was not offensive but I doubt it made any sense.



Me and Lauren
Lastly, here is some love from my agent Lauren. This photo was taken the night before when I signed my first ever book for her. Every writer deserves an agent like Lauren. She rocks!