Happy Book Birthday To Me!

Yesterday I stood up in front of 800 middle school students and told them I would not show them the dance I did when I learned that my book would be published because, well, they don’t know what “the running man” is and that’s best for everyone.

Readathon 3

Today my book is in the world  -like really in the world and that is very exciting. It’s exciting mostly because I have an excuse to celebrate with my wonderful friends and family here. It’s exciting because awesome readers like Lucy at The Reading Date will write really cool reviews that make me feel known and understood as a writer. And that is really cool and different from your friends and family reading your book and knowing you as a writer (which is also very cool).

Yesterday I stood in front of 800 middle school students and told them that the first line of my book is “When do girls fart?” As you might imagine, this got a good reaction. Including the one from my principal who was standing in the back and shook her head and gave me a little eye roll and a warm grin. “Oh Sashi,” her eyes said.

A student asked me somewhat skeptically. “What made you think to write a story about people who are dumpster divers?” I could tell from the way he asked the question that this was one of the weirdest most unlikely things he could think of to write or even think about. So I said something along the lines of , “Just you wait. The world is even weirder and wackier than you could imagine and it’s full of stories  that are too strange to be believed.” And I felt lucky that I could tell someone about a book that I wrote that maybe, just maybe might expand someone’s ideas about what it means to be an adult.

In the mean time, until you can rip into your brand-spanking new copy. I offer you this.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday To Me!”

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