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YA Movie Wish List

I love going to the movies. In my life pre-kid, Hubs and I went to a lot of movies. And YA makes for some good movies. Because YA tends to be plot focused, and moves more quickly then some “so-called” adult fiction I think it translates well to the cinematic form. The worst thing about the recent TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) movie, in my humble opinion, were the annoying teenagers who filled the movie theater. Oops, silly me, a teen movie is really marketed at teens. However, I did not think that this book or movie were really just for teens. Too bad they didn’t have a special showing for middle school and high school teachers, YA authors and other freak half-adult half adolescent creatures. Oh well. I was that lady shushing the kids behind me repeatedly. I did not threaten to get the management, but I would have.

But the movie got me thinking about other YA books that I think would make fantabulous movies. And I came up with the following list and potential pitch lines. Hollywood are you listening?

Scorpio Races

1. The Scorpio Races -young people with nothing to lose race mythic beasts to the death every November. (Maggie Stiefvater)


2. Feed – In a futuristic world dominated by implanted media chips 2 kids dare to defy the system and fall in love. (MT Andersen)


Jellicoe3. On the Jellicoe Road – At a boarding school in the Australian wilds every year an organized war breaks out between cliques. But will winning the war solve the mystery of a girl’s missing family? (Melina Marchetta)

Are you tempted? What YA novels would you like to see in cinematic form?