Writing Something Hard

I usually know when I’ve got something difficult to write because my house is really clean.  In other words, I’ve resorted to cleaning as a form of procrastination.  But it’s more than that.  Cleaning the house is something I can control, it has a clear beginning and end, and it makes me feel that I’ve accomplished something.  Now to accomplish some writing…

For further procrastination, check out this great interview with YA writer Sara Zarr.  Her book Story of a Girl is one of my favorite recent YA reads.  She nails the voice of a teenager and presents teen sexuality is a complex and truthful way.  I loved it!


3 thoughts on “Writing Something Hard”

  1. Funny Sashi that you mention cleaning the house as a procratination action before started to write.. I tend to do the same thing, and I did it right now, before getting on my computer to finally get started with .. my blog ! Even though I have quite a lot of writing to post on my “soon to come” blog..

  2. I’m the same way too. Cleaning is the perfect distraction because it always needs done, no one will criticize you for it, and there is almost a limitless amount of stuff you can do to avoid going back to the computer.

    If you ever have the time or inclination, I’d like you to drop by the forums of my noveling blog and write a little bit about procrastination. I think your thoughts would be useful to a lot of other writers out there.

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