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I Hate HP

I got a new computer about 2 years ago and since that time it has been nothing but trouble.  I’ve had to send it back to the company 3 times to be repaired.  The motherboard and the hard drive have been replaced.  The first time this was especially traumatic because I hadn’t backed up a lot of my photos and documents.  I have more or less learned my lesson on that front.  But sending my computer off every 2 months is totally disruptive to my writing life.  Thankfully I paid extra for a warranty, but I can only imagine what will happen when that expires.

Silver linings; I have learned to be more patient.  I have learned that computers are not magic though sometimes we expect them to perform as though they are.  I have made many friends (and a few enemies) in India.

Ideally, I would like to find some big-cheese at HP’s home phone number or email account and bombard them with spam and hate mail until they give me my money back.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you have such information.