Protagonist must protag

This was part of some advice given to me by fellow YA Maine writer Deva Fagan.

Lately, it’s taken on new meaning.

As I’ve revised my book I’ve tried to make the main character drive the action more than she was driven by it.  I have tried to make her the cause rather than the effect. And I’ve found it makes for easier writing.  When you have a character who knows what she wants it’s easier to write than a character who is always just reacting to the circumstances around her.   It’s made me more sure of my main character and it’s even made me like her more than I did before.  I suppose I do prefer people and literary characters who are assertive and pro-active in their own lives.  It’s funny I didn’t realize this before.  I think that’s part of the value of having really good readers to help you in revision.


1 thought on “Protagonist must protag”

  1. I’m glad it was a helpful piece of advice! It was actually something I learned from author Sarah Prineas (to give credit where it is due) and has been really helpful to me (my problem is that I tend to let plot drive characters rather than the reverse, if I am not paying attention)

    I can’t wait to see what the new version looks like!

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