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It’s here! I’m in print!

Hot off the presses; the spring issue of Brain, Child magazine can be found where ever better independent magazines on mothering are sold!!!

Turn to the last page, to the section called Motherwit to find my piece titled; The Interrogation.  Hooray!

An excited, but slightly sleep deprived, me with the Spring issue!











Here’s the page:





And, of course, my tiny muse.  Without whom none of this would be possible.

Busy with projects of her own!

8 thoughts on “It’s here! I’m in print!”

  1. thought your motherwit was fabulous! as a 4-year veteran of the sleep wars, i think you captured the confusion brought on by the “experts” perfectly! my husband and i used to go out on dates with the sleep books and read each other conflicting advice, hoping to find a solution for why our kid was such a bad sleeper. (resolution: despite many iterations of sleep training, he’s still a bad sleeper, at 4.5 years old, not the most inspiring tale granted).

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Can’t help but notice the time stamp on your comment. Hope it wasn’t another late night. 🙂
      I think we all get so hung up on finding the “answer” to our child’s sleep. It’s incredibly frustrating and good to know we’re not alone.

    1. Well thanks, there’s really no greater compliment….except maybe snorting liquid out your nose.

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