Random musings

Follow my sausage?

Last night I was unwrapping a package of my favorite “all natural,  ex-vegetarian guilt free, chicken sausages” when I saw on the label a facebook and twitter logo.  “Follow us on twitter, ” it said.  “Like us on Facebook.”  I never knew my groceries could be so needy.  Really, what could my chicken sausage possible have to say in 140 characters or less?  So of course I started to imagine the tweets….

Cold here in the freezer

Garlic and basil variety is hogging (ha hogging) all the space

Into the cart we go!

Whew 4.95 down the drain…suckah!

Sashi needs to clean her fridge, reorganizing doesn’t count.

Big night tonight.  We are grilling!

Ok, so here’s where it would probably get ugly.  As in:

Ah help we’re splitting our skins.

Help us we’re bubbly (but so delicious)

Ouch, Ouch the grill marks, the grill marks!.

The bottom line; my food probably doesn’t need to be a part of my social network.


4 thoughts on “Follow my sausage?”

    1. Giggling on the subway a definite no no in the world of the uber-cool, but still couldn’t possibly make you the weirdest one on an NYC subway!

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