I’m a slow cooker

2 pages of writing a day.  This has always been my goal when I’m in a writing mode.  Sometimes I accomplish a little more, but I try never to write less.  This summer I’m getting writing time in bigger chunks spread farther apart.  So I’m faced with a dilemma; dare I try to adopt a bigger goal?  I would like to have a first draft on my new w.i.p. finished by the end of the summer.  Dare I do the math and see what that would require?

240 pages (approximate estimated length of novel) – 60 pages (already written) = 180

180 (divided by a number I never like to count -days of summer) = About 5 pages a day.

Whoa, that’s two and a half times my current goal!

Ambitious, a little scary for me, but certainly possible.


1 thought on “I’m a slow cooker”

  1. one day at a time. best advice i’ve received lately. and 5 pages – including images? you could also go with the schoolbook font it is nice and wide!

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