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Recommendations from students

Every so often I end up with kids in my class who geek out on reading as much as I do.  We talk books and swap recommendations.  It’s always interesting to me what YA books kids like and which ones I like.

I’ve posted before about my reticence to recommend books with a lot of sex, drugs or booze in them, even if they’re really good.  But occasionally it happens the other way; where a student recommends a book with a lot of smuttery.  This is always an interesting moment.  Really?  You wanted your teacher to read this?  And discuss it with you?

I just read Repossessed by A.M. Jenkins, which I LOVED.  This was a student recommendation from a few years back.  The student has since moved away, so I’m not worried that he’ll show up and want to discuss the story of the demon who overtakes a high school student’s body with the main objective of experiencing sex and masturbation.  (Full disclosure; the book is about a lot more than that, but those are the smutty parts.)  I guess I’ll take it as a compliment that a 13 year old boy thought I would like this book.  He was right.  It’s smart, and well written and a bit naughty.   And apparently it appeals to middle school students and their teachers.


2 thoughts on “Recommendations from students”

  1. ok… so what would you do if you didn’t know and then read it and the kid wanted to discuss it? i mean i still remember taking Forever (Judy Blume) to my older cousin and asking her to explain WHY ON EARTH anyone would ever want to do the things described in the book (i also, can never ever hear the name Ralph without snickering).

  2. Honestly, if a kid was the one to initiate the conversation, and it was an appropriate and curious line of thinking, I’d probably have the conversation. Most of the books I’m talking about here are pg-13 not R.

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