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2013 Hopes for a Reasonable Year

For a variety of reasons (Mayan now excluded) 2012 has been a bit of a bear for myself and some of those close to me. We are ready for change! And frankly we deserve it. I just checked and last year I did not write a New Year’s post but I did cite a resolution to attend a writer’s conference. Check, completed in April. Maybe that’s the way to go with resolutions; few and manageable.

Sometimes I would like to resolve that the world be kinder to me and those I love. But much like trying to motivate an unmotivated middle school student to write a killer theme essay -motivation rarely comes from the outside. I suppose I’ll just have to be kinder to myself. Those who know me best are laughing and slapping their proverbial knees right now. “Ha, I’d like to see her try.” It’s true. I do not have the greatest track record for being easy on myself. But that’s why it’s called a resolution dammit!

Whatever you’re going through, whatever trials and challenges, they are made exponentially easier by being kind to yourself and taking care of yourself as you move through the rough patches. So that is my hope for myself and those I love. I painted this quote on a piece of poster board my first year of teaching and it’s followed me ever since. I don’t know who said it but I first saw it on a similar banner in the classroom of another teacher when I was student-teaching. This year I resolve to try and embrace  it as much as I encourage others to.

“Do the best that you can, in the place that you are, and be kind.”

Happy 2013 Friends!


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