Random musings


Sometimes there is nothing better than a bad sports movie. I mean bad in a good way, of course.  Sometimes it’s nice to know exactly who is going to make a second half turn around and win the game.

Along those same lines, I’ve been feeling pretty good lately and I attribute it in part to cheerleaders. I’ve written before about how I can be my own worst critic. Lately I’ve been trying to be my own best cheerleader. I envision something along these lines:

snl spartan cheerleaders

I do have an admitted weakness for Will Ferrell. However, there’s just something about the Spartans; their indefatigable positivity and relentless energy that keeps me going even when I hit a bump. Bad stuff, good stuff, they cheer for all of it. It’s a good reminder that it’s important to celebrate what you can when you can. The other day I was really excited because it was Friday and I could wear jeans to work. I was standing in my closet singing, “Jeans, jeans, everything goes with jeans!” So my mid-January advice is to celebrate whatever you can, sing in your closet, cheer yourself on.


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